香港巴塞爾藝術展 Art Basel 2013

今年為 Art Basel 收購 ARTHK 後的首個藝術展,看後感覺往年的 ARTHK 有較多能留下深刻印象的作品。

Art Basel 香港巴塞爾藝術展 2013 資料 更多圖片

My Draw Someing Collection

Come challenge me. My username: duncantang.

Melting Animal Sculptures by Takeshi Kawano

Japanese artist Takeshi Kawano created these three sculptures to represent the current issue of global warming and its effect on our environment. Kawano wanted to illustrate the slow disappearance of various wildlife as a result of climate change and eco-system destruction.

Conor Harrington: Black Herds Of The Rain

Black Herds of The Rain is a film documenting Conor Harrington's trip home to Ireland in the summer of 2011 to paint 3 walls. The journey and subsequent paintings are inspired by Austin Clarke's poem The Lost Heifer.

TIME: 10 Questions For Damien Hirst

British artist Damien Hirst talks about the meaning of his spot paintings, using assistants without talent and having $300 million.


由香港的設計師Yiu Yu Hoi拍攝


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